Foundation Bodies

The GPENreformation Foundation is headed by a Board that accompanies the Foundation in it´s goals.

Current members of the GPENreformation Foundation Board are:

  • Rev. Samuel Mutabazi, Chair of the Board (Director of BNEP/Rwanda),
  • Berend Kamphuis, Treasurer of the Board (Chair of the Association for Catholic and Christian Education (Verus)/Netherlands),
  • Annika Kastner, Secretary of the Board (Head of the GPENreformation Office/ Germany),
  • Lovejoy Abadiano (Headmaster of Vox Dei Academy/Philippines),
  • Prof. Dr. Annette Scheunpflug (Head of the GPENreformation Researcher Circle and Head of the Chair of General Education at the University of Bamberg/ Germany).

The Supervisory Board acts as advisor to the Board in the broadest sense. Its tasks include reviewing and confirming past activities as well as controlling the planning of future activities. The Supervisory Board meets digitally at least once a year.

The Supervisory Board currently consists of the following members:

  • Rev. Dr. Birgit Sendler-Koschel (Leader of the Education Department of the Protestant Church in Germany),
  • Dr. Jonathan Laabs (Executive Director of the Lutheran Education Association/USA),
  • Rev. Nigel Genders (Chief Education Officer of the Church of England).

Individuals, organizations, and institutions that contribute at least four average monthly salaries of a teacher at a Protestant school in the country of the organization per year automatically receive a seat on the Supervisory Board. This way they can actively influence the direction of the Foundation and the GPEN-reformation network.