Why Donate?

What do you think? How much does it cost to set up a digital project for 20 schools from 11 states? Maybe you’re thinking: nothing, it’s digital!

GPENreformation’s mission is to provide international networking and to empower students, teachers and others in the context of Protestant schools worldwide. But this requires funds to make the work profitable for all.

An outtake from the Live your Faith interim presentation in October 2022

Take for example the project “Live your Faith” in which 20 schools from 11 countries and five continents worldwide participated in 2022:

“Live your Faith” took place digitally. And for many of the participants, this meant that they could simply register via their PC and take action. But what about the schools that do not have the possibility to provide a PC or a tablet for the activity due to lack of financial resources? With 1,000 USD it is possible to enable exactly such a school to participate in digital projects like “Live your Faith”. They can buy a device that they can use not only for this project, but also for other projects of the GPENreformation network.

Or let’s take a big international conference for example:

What do you think? How much does it cost for a person to attend an international conference? The answer: For a person from the home country of the conference, it costs about 250 USD to attend a conference. For a person from abroad the conference costs about 500 USD.

Participants at the international conference in Kigali, Rwanda 2017

With your donation, you can make exactly such educational experiences possible. And contribute to tolerance and understanding in the process. Because all programmes offered by GPENreformation enable international networking and learning about new perspectives.

You want to participate with a donation?

Here you can find information about the donation possibilities.