The GPENreformation Network

The Global Pedagogical Network – Joining in Reformation, short GPENreformation, is an international network of Protestant educational institutions such as schools and universities as well as churches and associations and organizations supporting them. Linked by the common roots in the Reformation, members of different Protestant denominations get in contact with each other. Our goal is to learn together and from each other globally to develop high quality education and to share solidarity worldwide.

To achieve these goals, we rely on understanding and encounter. International conferences, student academies and work camps, digital projects on faith and spirituality, work on peace education and education for sustainable development are some of the topics of the network.

But the network also campaigns for good education at the political level. With partners such as OIDEL (an NGO specialised in the right to education and freedom of education, with Consultative Status with ECOSOC, UNESCO and the Council of Europe) and OIEC (the network for Catholic schools), we advocate for the right to education and the right for quality education.

And we do not lose sight of the academic component either. The GPENreformation Researchers Circle monitors current developments on Protestant education and Protestant educational institutions in the academic world and participates in projects to sustainably anchor Protestant educational institutions and their work.

What projects we are currently working on you can find on the Website of the Network.