Together we can make a difference! Stronger, more united and more hopeful than ever!

The GPENreformation Foundation aims to supports the global networking of Protestant schools, universities and educational institutions as well as of the students, teachers, school leaders and responsible persons associated with them. With its help, the colourful network is to become more independent, more agile and more capable of acting.

Do you like to participate in international conferences?
Would you like to send teachers from your schools to academies organised all over the world?
Do you think it is important for students to experience global solidarity?

All of the above are possible reasons to support the GPENreformation Foundation. The income of the foundation goes completely to the GPENreformation network and supports it, for example, in organising international conferences, facilitating exchange formats for students in digital and present contexts or promoting research on Protestant education. Personnel, which is urgently needed to work on such important topics, can also be funded by the foundation’s income.

In this way, the foundation supports important global learning processes and advocates for good and sustainable education.

You can find all of the projects we are currently funding, here (please note, that at the moment we are still getting started, so there aren´t as much funds).

To make our Foundation grow we welcome donations of all kind. For more information on that topic click here.

For good education. For Protestant schools. For young people worldwide.